Playtime Bingo is the only place to play because, the more you play, the more Goodtime Points you earn - and your Goodtime Points can be converted to playable Bonus Bucks to play any of our games. And we'll also reward your loyalty with bigger bonuses..up to 100% for our top VIP players!

The more you play at Playtime Bingo, the higher you will climb in our VIP Program. And VIP levels bring even more good news. The higher your VIP level, the bigger your deposit bonus - up to 100% on every deposit for our Diamond level members. And you will also earn more Goodtime Points - up to 25% more for our top VIP players!

 VIP Level Deposit Bonus
(under $50)
Deposit Bonus
(over $50)
Extra Playtime Bingo First Time Achiever Prize (Playtime Bingo)
 Bronze 50% 60% 0% 1,000
 Silver 55% 65% 10% 2,000
 Gold 60% 70% 15% 5,000
 Platinum 75% 85% 20% 10,000
 Diamond 100% 110% 25% 15,000

Every time you achieve a new, higher level for the first time, you will automatically receive a special prize in recognition of your loyalty and achievement. The VIP levels are recalculated each month and apply until the next recalculation.

To check your Playtime Bingo and your VIP Level, all you have to do is login to your Playtime Bingo Member's account or click on the Cashier button in the game and follow the links.

You can view your account at your Playtime Bingo page any time. This gives you a snapshot of your current status.

The key information is as follows:

Current VIP Level

This is active VIP level which took effect from the last recalculation and will be in force until the next recalculation.

VIP Level Bonus %

This is the bonus percentage of Playtime Bingo you receive for achieving your current level. This bonus is automatically added as the points are accumulated.

Next VIP Level

This is the next level you should aim for.

Trending Towards

The system measures your activity at Playtime Bingo and calculates where you are likely to be at the start of the next month. Look to at least hold your VIP level - or even better, increase it and accelerate your points earning.

Your Current Playtime Bingo Balance

This is the current balance of Playtime Bingo in your account available for you to exchange for Prizes.
The Current Balance will increase as you earn Playtime Bingo and Bonus Points, but will reduce as you redeem Points for Bonus Bucks.


You can check your Playtime Bingo account history at any time by going to the Goodtime Points tab in the History section of your Playtime Bingo Member's account . This will list every transaction - showing both Playtime Bingo you have earned and Points you have exchanged for Bonus Bucks..


Check the FAQs below for answers to any questions you may have.

How do I earn Points?

You earn Points by playing bingo or any of the side games. For every dollar you spend on bingo, slots, video poker, keno or pull-tabs we will add one Goodtime Point to your account. It also takes into account your deposits, referrals, chat room activity and purchase of Gift Certificates. The more you stay and play, the more Points you earn.

How will I know how many Points I have?

You can check how many Points you have by logging into your Playtime Bingo Member's account page. The Current Balance figure indicates the number of Points in your account that are available to redeem for Bonus Bucks.

How often do my Points get updated?

Your Points and VIP Status are updated every 24 hours

How do I know what my VIP Level is?

Your VIP level is shown when you log in to your Member's account at Playtime Bingo either by clicking on the Cashier button in the game or by logging in to the website Playtime Bingo Member's account .

How is my VIP level calculated?

VIP Levels are calculated by a sophisticated mesurement system that takes into account your recent history as well as your current play. This ensures that, if you take a vacation, your VIP level doesn't get hit. You earn points by playing bingo or any of the side games, but also by other activites such as referring your buddies and making deposits.

I have been playing a lot recently, when will my VIP level be increased

Your status is recalculated each month, so your current rate of play will be reflected in your VIP level at the Goodtimet of the next month. You can always check your VIP Status by logging in to your Playtime Bingo Member's account where your current and trending levels are shown.

Can my VIP level go down?

Yes, if your activity falls below the qualifying point for your level, you will move down for the next month. However, we have built in systems to ensure that levels do not slip quickly.

How does the VIP Program know how much more I need to play to get to the next level?

Each day we calculate how much you are playing against an amount you should play to maintain that level. Doing the math will tell us how much more you need to play.

How do I cash in my Points for Bonus Bucks?

Log onto your Playtime Bingo account and go to the Playtime Bingo page. You will see where you will find a large button - "Convert Playtime Bingo". You will also see how many Bonus Bucks your points are worth. Click on the "Convert Playtime Bingo" button and your Goodtime Points will be converted into Bonus Bucks that you can use to play any of our games.

How many Points do I need before I can cash them in for Bonus Bucks?

The minimum you can convert is 1000 Playtime Bingo.

How often can I cash in my Points?

As often as you'd like! Keep in mind you have to have enough Points to qualify.

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